VΔVYLόN was founded in May 2017 by Rahman Maruo Farnell. VΔVYLόN originated in Osaka, Japan and has expanded internationally. From a very young age, Rahman had a passion for fashion and was first inspired by his grandma and grandpa's boutique located in Osaka, Japan. Rahman experienced two different cultures growing up, being that he is half black and half Japanese, Rahman wanted to highlight a representation of himself into his work and promote unity between two different cultures. When he attended collage in Chicago, he designed his first bomber jacket in his dorm room and has been creating new collections ever since.
Rahman then decided to build a brand and came up with name VΔVYLόN which stemmed off the city of Babylon. Babylon is known for its great reputation of learning and culture and became the source of inspiration for countless literally and artistic work. This is similar to what Rahman wanted to promote with his brand. VΔVYLόN is all about connecting with people all across the world through fashion.