VAVYLóN Spring & Summer 2024 Collection "منشأ"

Introducing the VAVYLóN Spring & Sumer 2024 "منشأ" collection, meticulously created with seasonal fabrics and incorporating Japanese and athletic design elements. It symbolizes a fresh start for VAVYLóN.

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VAVYLóN "منشأ" Trucker Hat

This VAVYLóN "منشأ" Trucker Hat is crafted with a suede front and a mesh back, providing superior breathability and lightness. Ideal for warmer seasons, its premium materials include high-quality suede and mesh, accented with fine embroidery on the back for a polished finish.

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VAVYLóN 辰年 Cargo Pants

Experience the ultimate dedication to the Year of the Dragon with VAVYLóN 辰年 Cargo Pants.

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VAVYLóN 犬神 Original Tee

Feel the luxury of VAVYLóN 犬神 Tee, crafted from high-quality 230GSM cotton and embellished with stunning puffer print designs. Experience the perfect fit with the slight over size cut.

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  • Hand Made Products

    VΔVYLόN is beyond just a clothing brand selling graphic Ts and factory-produced items. Several products are handcrafted and feature 100% Japanese fabrics.

  • Unique Designs

    VΔVYLόN showcases unique designs embodying Japanese and premium cultural elements.

  • Quality Products

    VΔVYLόN prioritizes product excellence, conducting thorough inspections before shipping.